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25mm Button Pin Badge Artwork Guide

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In this blog we are going to give you some tips for creating artwork to fit our 25mm button pin badge.

As the image guide at the bottom of this blog shows you need to start with 3 circles to assist you with your design 33mm, 25mm and 23mm

Print Size - Blue: 33mm - The background/colour/pattern of your design needs to fill this circle, please do NOT finish the background at the red ring, as there will not be enough bleed for the edge/wrap of the badge. Bleed is really important as slight movement can occur during the print/cut/manufacturing process and it also gives a more professional finish to your badge.

Badge Size - Red: 25mm - This is the finished size of the badge

Image Size - Dotted Black: 23mm - Keep anything you want to show on the badge face within this size. If you take your design or text outside of this safe zone due to slight movement that can occur during manufacture your design could go off the face of the badge.

Text - Small amounts of text work best on the 25mm badge. The more text the smaller and less visible it becomes. Bold fonts work much better than fine, fancy or curly fonts. If you think it looks small or hard to read on screen then it will be on the finished badge.

Colours - Contrasting colours work best - for example darker colours such as blues/purples/greens don't stand out well against a black background. Also depending on your screen resolution settings please be aware that colours may appear more vibrant on screen which is not a true representation of how they will print, in general colours print darker some more than others. We print using CYMK printers artwork submitted using an RGB profile may have a colour variation on conversion to CYMK.

Design - Keep the design simple. In our experience fine lines and small details don't show or print as well on this size badge.

Resolution/Format - We accept most file formats, please ask us if you are unsure, but save your artwork as a large high resolution image file - 300dpi minimum. We can work with smaller files than this, however the print quality may be significantly reduced. If you have used any guide rings/markers/borders to assist you with your design these should all be removed before saving for submission. If you supply your artwork as a jpeg or png file we will not able to remove or change the image if you leave them on as this file format becomes flattened - the layers are merged.

Artwork Submission - Registered customers are now able to submit artwork and required text from their accounts page or on the last page in the checkout process. Customers using PayPal Express will need to email artwork/details quoting the allocated order receipt number after purchase.

We hope this information helps but if you have any questions or would like any advise about your design if you email us before purchase we will happy give you our feedback.

Also don't forget that artwork design is included in the price of our products and we will happily create your artwork for you based on the text and files supplied with your order when you make a purchase. Please make this as information as detailed as possible.

Quickbadge Team

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