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Some of our pre-designed badges for all occasions

Virtual Hug Badges

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We have been busy bees working on some more designs for the pre-designed section on our website.

This one is a Hug Badge. As with all our own designs they can be used on other products if a badge is not suitable for your requirements such as magnets, keyrings or stickers.

Hope you like 😊

Quickbadge Team

Hug Badge

Hug Badge Link

Carer Insert Lapel Pin

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Our Carer 🌈 insert lapel pins are made with a precast metal mould which is available in gold effect, the printed paper layer is sealed under a plastic dome and is attached using a butterfly clasp.

We have lots of other pre-designed badges available on our website and all the designs can be used on other products such as our keyring or stickers. 😊

Carer Insert Lapel Pins

Carer Insert Lapel Pin

Emoji Badges

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Thought we’d try and cheer you all up on a sunny β˜€οΈ Monday morning with a selection of our emoji badges. Hope you like and they bring a smile to your face 😊

emoji Badges

Emoji Face Badges

If a badge isn’t suitable for your requirements these designs can be used on our keyrings or stickers πŸ˜„

Quickbadge Team

Some new designs have been added to our allergy awareness medical alert badges.

enter image description here All of the designs can be customised so if you prefer a different top colour or wording it’s not a problem just let us know or drop us an email before you make a purchase.

These designs can also be used on our keyrings if you prefer or both 😊

Hope you’re all have a lovely Saturday morning - stay safe and be positive 🌈

Quickbadge Team

Allergy Alert Badges

Both of our distancing badge designs have recently been updated to try and make the message clearer and easier to see / understand.

The badges can be worn to inform others that you are following the governments guidelines and would like others to do the sameπŸ˜Šβœ‹

The badges are available in sizes 59mm, 75mm and 100mm with are the 3 largest round button pin badges we supply.

Quickbadge Team 😊

Physical Distancing Badge Physical Distancing Badge.

Social Distancing Badge Social Distancing Badge

Ha-Pea Birthday

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Birthdays are a really special occasion. Why not wish your loved one, friend or work colleague a Ha-Pea Birthday with this super cool 😎 birthday badge

Ha-pea Birthday Badge Product Page Ha-pea Birthday