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One of the best bits about making badges, is looking back at the wonderful pictures of them and remembering the sentiment around why and what they were made for......badges are good at that, and that's probably why they are still around after all these years.

To me each of the badges we make is a perfect little piece of art, designed with thought, either by us or you the customer, to promote a cause, celebrate something special or just for fun ....the list goes on and on!

What's great about badges is that anyone can create their own. You don't have to have any fancy programmes on your computer, be a qualified designer.... all you really need is an idea, even if it's just a scribbled on to a bit of paper or a few words in an email.... well that how we work anyway.

The images below show some badges we made for a school. They emailed us a photograph of a drawing that had been created by a group of children and told us how they wanted it to look ..colours they wanted to use and the I'm a tadpole badge was created.... we loved the finished product and that's partly why we make badges knowing that they have been made/created for a reason.

Hope we can help you with an idea for a badge soon

Quickbadge :)

This is how the design was sent to us enter image description here

and this is how they turned out! enter image description here